J 391.434 EAR Masks (Traditions Around the World series) by D. Sensier
J 391.434 FLA Masks! by Flanagan
J 391.434 MAS Masks and the Art of Expression Edited by John Mack
709.61 MEY Black Africa: Masks, Sculpture, Jewelry by Laure Meyer
J 709.72 LEW Mexican Art and Culture by Elizabeth Lewis
731.7 BLE African Masks by Robert Bleakley
731.75 HER Tribal Masks by Erich Herold
731.75 MCK Mask Making by Glynn McKay
731.75 SIV Maskmaking by Carole Sivin
745.59 ALK Mask Making by Chester Alkema
745.59 FOR Maskwork by Jenniefer Foreman
J 938 JOV Craft and Culture of the Ancient Greeks by Joann Jovinelly
J 970.1 HAS North American Indians by Andrew Haslam
J 970.1 WIL What the Native Americans Wore by Colleen Williams